Sagrada Gameplay

Sagrada is another game that has been hard to get my hands on. Luckily, as I usually am, Offline Board Game Cafe has a copy in their library. Even the box is stunning so how could I not play it?



  • Published by Floodgate Games
  • 1-4 players
  • Dice Rolling
  • Pattern Building
  • Set Collection


  • Shuffle the private objective cards  and deal one to each player face down.
  • Give each player one window frame board.
  • Give each player two random window cards (doubled sized means 4 options). Each player chooses one of the window pattern cards. The rest are returned to the box. 
  • Give each player a number of favor tokens equal to the difficulty rating on their window pattern card (indicated by a number of circles on the corner of the card).
  • Each player slides their window pattern card into the bottom of the window frame board. 
  • Place the round track near the center of the play area. 
  • Place a color marker matching each players board next to the round track. 
  • Shuffle the tool cards. Place 3 face up above the round track. Return unused cards to the box.
  • Shuffle the public objective cards. Place 3 face up above the round track. Return unused cards to the box.
  • Place all dice in the dice bag. 
  • Decide on a first player.


Each turn, the first player pulls a predetermined number of dice out of the bag at random and rolls them. The number of dice is always 2 per player plus 1 additional. Beginning with the first player, each player may do each of the following actions on their turn:

  • Select 1 die from the draft pool and place it on their window. 
  • Use the ability of a tool card by spending favor tokens.
  • Pass their turn by taking no actions.

Turns continue clockwise until the last player has completed their first turn. The round then continues in reverse order beginning with the last player. Each player takes a second turn. Once the start player has taken their second turn, the round ends. 



  • When placing your first die of the game, the die must begin on the outer edge of your window. Every other die must be placed adjacent, either diagonally or orthogonally to a previously placed die.
  • The die must match the color or number restriction of that space. White spaces have no restrictions.
  • Dice may never be placed orthogonally adjacent to a die of the same color or value.
  • If at any point during the game a player is found to be breaking any placement rules, they must remove dice of their choice until all restrictions are obeyed.


  • To use a tool card you need to spend favor tokens. If there are currently no favor tokens on the card you would like to use, place 1 favor token on the card. If there is already 1 or more favor tokens on the tool card you would like to use, you will have to place 2 favor tokens on the card in order to use it. You may then use the ability on the tool card.

At the end of a round, all remaining dice are placed on the round track covering the space for the just completed round. The dice bag is then passed clockwise to the next player who becomes the first player for the following round. After 10 rounds the game is over. 


End Game

Clear the dice off the round track and flip it over to the score track. Use each player's score marker to track their position on the score track. Flip the player's marker if they exceed 50 points. 

Player's score points for:

  • Each Public Objective Card
  • Their Private Objective Card
  • Favor Tokens (1 point for each unspent token)
  • -1 point for every open space on their window.

The player with the most points is the winner. 

My Thoughts

  • Setup was quite easy. I did get a little confused trying to follow the setup instructions step by step, but this can eliminated by completely reading the setup rules before starting. I think it was just the order in which a couple rules were placed that got me off track. (I tweaked the order of the setup instructions above to one that I found more suitable for a first time player)
  • I did accidentally play completely wrong during my first game. I'm not sure why, but I was thinking you could only draft a dice OR use a tool. I also misread the rules where it says dice of the same color or value cannot be placed orthogonally touching one another and somehow interpreted that as dice couldn't be placed diagonally touching each other either. So there's an expert variant house rule if you feel like adding more of a challenge. Oops.
  • Game two went by much more smoothly. Honestly, the game is so quick you don't even get upset that you didn't catch on during game one. You can quickly reset and play a second game which is what I did. 
  • This game is actually very simple but also highly strategic which is a combination that I'm always going to love. It means it plays well with groups of both novice and experienced tabletop gamers.
  • I really enjoy that each player had the option to choose the difficulty of their window at the start of the game. I love that the game is balanced by receiving additional favor tokens for a more challenging window. That was excellent planning on the part of the game designers.
  • The game also has rules for a one player variant. I didn't try it myself but I did read the variant and it looks very well thought out. Basically while building your window, your unused dice go to the round board as normal - at the end of the game, you tally the total of all dice on the round board with your objective being to top that score. There are setup variations to offer different difficulty levels you can play at too.
  • The components of this game are beautiful and they aren't lacking in quality either. The game is colorful, bright and easily one of the most aesthetically appealing games I've come across in 2017, maybe ever.
  • I recommend this game for absolutely everyone. Even if you don't tend to enjoy abstract games, this one deserves to be given a chance. If you're still not sold on it, stop by your nearest board game cafe and give it a shot before you buy it. I hope you'll love it.

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Have you played Sagrada? Share your thoughts on the game in the comments below. 


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