Unboxing Offline Board Game Cafe Subscription Jan 2018

Unboxing Offline Board Game Cafe Subscription Jan 2018

It happens sometimes but last week was so busy I hardly had time to play any games which means I didn't have any time to write about them. As some of you may know, I tried a subscription to Board Game Bento earlier this year. This month I decided to try out a subscription box from my local board game cafe.


Offline Board Game Cafe has two options for subscription boxes, Hobby Gamer priced at $35 Canadian or Hard Core Gamer priced at $65 Canadian. The best things about this subscription box is that you're guaranteed to not get any duplicate games. Simply email the cafe your BoardGameGeek account after you subscribe. This is the only boardgame subscription box I've heard of that does that. During the subscription process you also get to select up to two themes from their list of options. I subscribed to Hard Core Gamer and chose Suprise Me as the theme.


My box was ready for pick up during the first week of February. Since the cafe is local, I didn't have to pay for my shipping either. I was given two boxes wrapped in tissue paper. One was fairly large and the other quite small. 


I couldn't wait to see what my "big box" game was so to add to the suspense, I opened the small one first. It was Sky Tango by Z-Man games. I was happy about this because often times I only have a second player so it's never bad for me to have a game that plays well with two.


Being a small and simple game, we cracked this one open right away. It was quick to both learn and play. As you lay cards you're also creating a beautiful panorama of either the sun or the moon rising. 


I swooned over the next game I opened, A Study in Emerald (Second Edition) by Treefrog Games. I fall in love with almost every game that has a Lovecraftian theme so it's not surprising that I was so excited about this one. This game isn't just a novelty game though. I've been wanting to try it for a while and I couldn't wait to get it on my table. 


I didn't have an opportunity to play but I did do the setup for two players in order to take some photos and get a feel for the game. My cat, Hathor, was feeling particularly destructive that day and wreaked havoc over the board. 

The components in the game are beautiful and I love the art on the elder gods. I'm really excited to play this game with 4-5 players. The hidden identies and deduction are going to make gameplay highly enjoyable with the right group. 


Overall I absolutely loved my subscription box and will 100% be ordering again in the future. Although not likely in the next couple of months because there is so many great games coming to Kickstarter that I can't possibly afford to back them all.


Watch me struggle with my words through the unboxing video below.

To purchase click on the links below:

You can't go wrong with this subscription. To order your own, hop over to offlineboardgamecafe.com


Tell me about your best subscription box in the comments below.


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