The Potion

The Potion

I've always been intrigued by games with minimal components. I can't imagine how challenging it is to create a game that fits in the palm of your hand and hasn't been done over 100 times before. Speaking of games that fit in the palm of your hand...



  • Designer Kasper Lapp

  • Published by Fox Mind Games

  • 3-7 players

  • 10-20 Minutes

  • Party Game

  • Bluffing

  • Dice Rolling

  • Press Your Luck



  • Each player receives 2 of each type of ingredient (2 beetles, 2 mushrooms, 2 vials) .

  • Players place all their ingredients in the palm of one hand.



The object of the game is to be the first player to have only one type of ingredient left in their possesion.

  • At the beginning of the round a player will roll 3 dice (2 dice in a 3 player game) to determine the ingredients the players will be bidding on.

  • Players secretly choose one ingredient from their palm and place it in their other hand.

  • Everyone reveals their selected ingredient.

  • Players who meet the winning conditions set by the dice may discard their ingredient into the bottle (if all players meet the conditions the no one gets to discard their ingredient).


Winning Conditions: 

  • You have met a winning condition when the total quantity of ingredients revealed by the players matches (exactly) the number of the corresponding ingredients on ONE of the dice.

  • You have revealed an ingredient that does not appear on the face of any die and none of the ingredients revealed by other players meet the winning condition stated above.


End Game 

The game ends as soon as a player has only one type of ingredient left. If more than one player achieves victory, the game ends in a tie.  


 My Thoughts

  • The production value on this little game is great. I half expected cheap cardboard tokens but this is not the case. The game tokens are made of high quality plastic and the art is pretty darn cute as well.

  • The rules are a quick read, 5 minutes or less if you read them start to finish. When reading the rules, if you get stuck or confused with the win conditions, just jump ahead to the example photos. It will all make a lot more sense.

  • The photos of the win conditions in the rule book are extremely helpful. I have tried explaining the rules without using the examples and I got blank stares. As soon as I used the examples shown in the book it quickly made sense to everyone.

  • The game will always play in 15 minutes or less regardless of the number of players. The reason for this is that actions are all taken simultaneously. Honestly, if players are quick to make decisions the game can easily be over in under 10 minutes.

  • I only saw one downside with the game and that was what to do with the rule book once the game has been opened. The plastic packaging is resealable so you can opt to put it back in it’s original packaging if you want to. I personally am just going to wrap the rules around the bottle with an elastic so it doesn’t get separated. If for some reason they do get separated, I’m confident enough that I won’t ever have to reference the rule book again. It’s that simple (once you wrap your brain around it).

  • The game is small which makes it portable. It plays okay at 3 players and great with 4 or more players. It also plays up to 7 people which is always a fantastic bonus. It’s really quick which means you can fit in a game when you might not normally have time to play something. I honestly like this game a lot more than I thought I was going to. The subtle bluffing and hint of strategy in such a quick game was really fun. I recommend it for all ages and types of gamers. It’s one I will definitely be keeping on my shelf.


Where to Buy

Always check out your local gaming store first but if you feel you can’t wait and need to order online right now, see below.

  • Canada BGB (Not yet available on Amazon)

  • US


Thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave comments, questions or feedback in the section below.

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