Butts in Space

Butts in Space

If you clicked this link because you wondered if the game was really about butts, has pictures of butts and if the butts have names... It is, it does and they do. 



  • Self Published

  • 2-4 Players

  • 30-45 Minutes

  • Hand Management

  • Set Collection

  • Take That



  • Give one butt character to each player. Players place their butt character card on the table in front of them. If there are less than 4 players, keep the extra butt character card on the play area as if they were in use.

  • Shuffle the remaining cards and place them on the table to form the deck.

  • The player with the biggest butt goes first.



On your turn: 

  • Draw until you have 6 cards (If you have 6 or more cards, draw 1 card instead).

  • After you finish drawing, If you drew an assteroid or ship part card, play them immediately.

  • Play cards from your hand or end your turn.

Playing Cards:

  • To play a non toilet paper card, follow the instructions on the card and place it in the discard pile.

  • A set consists of 1 mythical, 2 rare or 3 common cards. To play a set the toilet papers symbol must match your butt character. Play the cards that form your set on the table in front of you (only one wild TP permitted per set).

  • If any of the toilet papers in your set had actions on them, perform those actions.


End Game 

The game ends when all 7 ship parts have been drawn. Whoever has the most sets of toilet paper wins the game.

In the event of a tie the player with the most points wins: 

  • Common: 1 point per set

  • Rare: 2 points per set

  • Mythical: 3 points per set


My Thoughts 

  • The cards are printed on pretty thick card stock which means they aren't going to show wear as quickly as some other card games you might have.
  • The art isn't extravagant by any means but to be honest, does it really need to be when you're playing a game about butts flying through space in battle to collect the most tp?
  • The rules are pretty generic. A few places throughout the rule book I did wonder why things were done the way they were but you just kind of have to trust that it will make sense when you play the game.
  • We encountered a few situations during game play that we had to agree on how a rule would work. Typically my play group would need more specific rulings but where this game is so silly we opted to just agree on either what would make the most sense or what would be the most fun.
  • There's not a lot of decisions to make during the game. You can either play your cards or you can't. In some cases you might have to wait a couple of turns for the butts to rotate before you can play your cards.
  • You never know how long the game is going to be.  Revealing the 7th ship part could happen during the first few turns of the game or it could be at the very bottom of the deck. 
  • The assteroids make you give up one card to each of your opponents. It kind of makes sense that if you were floating through space hoarding toilet papers, being struck by a giant object might cause you to drop some of that toilet paper. I would however have liked to of seen the ship parts have multiple different effects on the game.
  • Ultimately for a silly game with few opportunities to strategize, I would like to see a whole lot more chaos. I think an "events" expansion could have some potential to create a more dynamic game play. 
  • This was not my favourite game butt (see what I did there) I did play with a 10 year old who after playing immediately exclaimed, "Mom, we HAVE to get this game!". If your kids like butts and fart jokes this might be the game you've been looking for to keep them occupied. 

Where to Buy

  • Canada (Not yet available)
  • US

Thank you for reading and as always feel free to leave your comments and questions below. 

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